We signify the brand equity purpose
which we need for great development

Whenever we talk about blackberry, an image is itself created by us signifying its Brand Equity. These smartphones let users to use this device as a perfect official device in terms of business works. The number one choice is blackberry by each and every executives. These smartphones let many users consistently meet organizational needs.

Blackberry Application Development

So, if a business has its executives, partners and customers as well on this platform. For sure there will be a certain need of High-quality applications to deliver better-user experience. All reasons makes, blackberry a very smart device for users. Its an open platform which provides a wide variety of development languages including in run time that was designed to fit.


Client is focus

Your choice will be based on the combination of codebase and target devices which you wish to serve and we will put all our efforts to shape your thoughts.


Various Supports

This is a platform which is intended to eliminate the duplicacy of application, to allow functions to be discovered and are meant to be accessed. To maximize users choice


What you need!

Let's start with various resources for operating systems of blackberry tablet OS. Development of our blackberry application which our team provides is dedicated, focused and technically advanced.

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Big, small, online, offline, local or other. Size doesn't matter. We work on diverse projects for top brands as well as for cool startups.

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Suitable and fit

Blackberry application development services fit with the business and needs of clients. Application development is the most appreciated version of blackberry, enjoyed by everyone.

With users need

Developers have the knowledge of Blackberry OS, webkit browser, HTML, Technical Architecture of blackberry, Process of quality approval and validation. With our talented developers.

An updated version

We are able to devise several applications into different screen sizes, OS versions and resolutions. Technologies of Blackberry: software development kit, Java development kit.

Cost Effective

BlackBerry Enterprise server, run-time APIs. Blackberry development is summed up by developing an effective blackberry application. Any business has to be reliable and trustable.

Balj offers a high secured and private business features into a successful outcome

Blackberry that are not at all be matched and there are some factors to make Blackberry a trustworthy platform

Many communication partners for organisations and individuals are like business partners who secure a good place in the market for revenue generation of any company at many places. We believes in developing an application which makes the use of features exclusively offered by the phones of Blackberry. We understand that BlackBerry platform, more than merging Blackberry messenger via mail with an app. It is an ecosystem with plenty of operational services for conceiving and concluding apps for CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, Inventory Management, Order Entry and Managing, Intranet Access and so on. Our developers are mainly working for the satisfaction of clients in high range. Supervision is needed.

The need is increasing day by day along with popularity of BlackBerry, this is for content development to suit the important needs and several standards of any market. We are here to provide some innovative solutions to an application development which is compatible with each and every BlackBerry device- be it Bold,Curvey or Storm. We also work for mobile games development in Blackberry. Some are mistaken on a fake trust issue that Blackberry is only meant for a serious business purposes. ‘Stable platform’.

Our Android Apps are Not Restricted

Portfolios of our android applications development covers android smartphones, android wear, and android TV from Ideation to a protocol of Post Launch Services. The team is always ready to take challenges and to fulfill those carefully.

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Steps Of Work

The team of Balj Technologies works in a systematic way of customization of works which are as follows:

  • 1
    We are eager to know and for building up a business strategically

    We are here to provide an amazing range of application development for Blackberry to suit the purposes and the needs of our clients. From wireless solutions to advertisements and the client server applications.It have wireless solutions to advertisements and client server application.

  • 2
    Blackberry applications and their focus should be main, in generic

    There are hundreds of BlackBerry applications who mainly focused on enterprise mobility. Our enhanced solutions let organizations to implement effective means of interaction to their business-environment. We understand BlackBerry platform is more than merging BB messenger.

  • 3
    Plenty of Blackberry Application services which serves for the best results

    It is an ecosystem with lots of operational services for conceiving and concluding applications for CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, Inventory Management, Order Entry and Managing, Access and so on. Related applications are more prone.

  • 4
    Increased lavel of confidentiality to gain your faith back in Blackberry Applications

    The team of developers which we have they have an experience of creating powerful application that can take advantages of such BlackBerry features as GPS navigation, push data, and streaming media, as well as it should help to extend business services or build games.